eBags Router Wheeled Laptop Backpack

After much indecision, I just orderred the eBags Router Wheeled Laptop Backpack. No. I didn’t get it in Pink.

Last year at ApacheCon US, speakers got a wheeled laptop backback. It was *very* nice, but very quickly started to fall apart, and has recently reached the point where I’m always certain that something is going to fall out and get lost.

Yes, it is pricey, but as much as I have been travelling this year, and anticipate travelling next year, I need something that will stand up to all the abuse I dish out, and not fall apart. And it needs wheels. The reviews of this one were very positive, so I have high hopes that I haven’t made a mistake.

I fully expect to be very hard on it, and we’ll see how well it holds up. The last one lasted not quite a year. I hope this one lasts two or three years at least.