Boycot Domain Registry of America

Today I received a bill from Domain Registry of America. (I won’t give them the satisfaction of providing a link to their web site, but if you care, it is droa dot com.) It was for the renewal of my domain name,, which, they claim, is to expire on May 24, 2003. Two things are important here. First, the domain is not scheduled to expire on the stated date. Secondly, it is not registered with, nor has it ever been registered with, this registrar. This tactic is intentionally designed to mislead busy people into thinking that it is merely a bill, missing the fine print, and transferring their domain to these swindlers. Not only are they being unethical, but their prices are outlandish – $25 for a year, $40 for two years.

I encourage you to boycot this den of thieves, and, if you have any domains registered there, to transfer them to Dotster, or any of the other registrars that actually conduct themselves ethically.