Done with migration

Ok, I think I’m all done with the migration from Movable Type to WordPress. Took rather longer than advertised, but I’m mostly satisfied with the results. I think that, visually, it looks terrible, so I’ll have to get someone with CSS fu to do something about that for me. But the software itself is surprisingly slick, and fast. I’m pleased.

I was going to try to contribute some of my experience back to the documentation project, and may still do so. But the documentation appears to be largely in Wiki, and, despite my best efforts, many Wikis continue to baffle me, when folks try to use them as a primary documentation repository. It works for some folks, but so often it just doesn’t. Since my long-term goals include contributing to the docs on a number of projects that use Wiki as the docs engine, I need to get over this. So WP seems a friendlier place than some to get started on this effort. Maybe next week.