Discover® called me. They were concerned that I was not using my credit card very much. They wanted to know what they could do to get me to use my credit card more.

Speaking for just myself, I’m convinced that credit cards are a fundamentally bad idea, and I hope, as much as is possible in this economic setting, to completely eliminate their use. Presumably I’ll still need to keep one for things like, say, plane tickets for which I will be reinbursed later, or perhaps for “emergencies”, whatever that may mean. But I will be overjoyed when I can pay off and cut up the last of my credit cards.

So, Discover®, what can you do to get me to use my credit card more? Well, nothing at all comes to mind. Although, certainly, the usurious interest rates don’t help your case any. And sending me “Instant Cash!!!” checks, and then refusing to honor them, causing me great embarassment, fines, interest, and frustration, also wasn’t that great a selling point. But, short of zero interest, nothing at all comes to mind that will persuade me to use my credit card more.