Dilbert and his creator

I’ve been reading The Dilbert Blog for several months now. Today, I have finally removed it from my aggregator. I’d just had enough.

Some of the time, it’s very funny. Most of the time, it’s mildly offensive. Some of the time, it’s profoundly offensive. I guess I just got tired of being offended, and the occasional funny wasn’t making up for the usual offensive.

I don’t mind that some people are atheists, or agnostics. What I mind is people of one philosophical persuasion feeling the need to defecate all over the beliefs of other people on an ongoing basis. Yes, Scott, I get that you disagree with my view of the world. What I don’t get is your unbridled rage and venom that you feel the need to spew so regularly, and so violently.

You’re a good writer, Scott. But the vitriol just doesn’t fit you. It comes across as hatred and rage, and I wonder what it is that you’re reacting to.

I don’t mind being offended. I’m not so full of myself that I can’t deal with being offended. But it’s no longer entertaining, and the occasional insight and occasional humor simply doesn’t pay for the venom.