Delicious library on your website, sort of

I’ve hacked together a few dozen lines of Perl that transform your Delicious Library XML file to HTML pages. It is by no means complete, but if you care, then it will give you a starting point. It uses XML::Simple, which has prerequisites of XML::SAX and XML::NameSpaceSupport.

Put this in “/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Delicious Library”, mkdir HTML, and then run it. It will generate files in that HTML directory, one called index.html, and then one per book.

Patches welcome. I’ll be doing more useful things with it when I have more time to hack on it. Apparently I just spent 2 hours on this. Sheesh.

HJTI license. Will eventually have templates, so that I don’t have to listen to people complaining about how ugly my HTML is. It doesn’t handle the case where you don’t have cover images. And it currently only does books. No particular reason for that.

Example output


Update: Version 1.4 does movies and music, orders the output by title, and has at least a nod at documentation.