Thursday night was the Perl DateTime BOF, with Dave Rolsky. It was mostly Dave telling folks about the state of the project, rather than much of a planning session. Dave gave a lot of credit to other folks for the work that has been done, but it is abundantly clear to me that Dave made this thing happen, and has done the bulk of the actual work. Sure, he has taken a lot of existing code into what he has done, but the sheer volume of code that Dave has produced is staggering. Many kudos, Dave.

Meanwhile, if I actually get this book finished any time soon, I should actually have some time to work on DateTime stuff some in the coming months. As usual, I didn’t get as much work done at the conference as I had planned, having been continually distracted by the darned conference. So, you see, gnat, it’s your own fault for putting together such a good conference!