Craig’s List

This weekend, for the first time, I posted something to craigslist. I was cleaning out the attic, and I came across some ancient computer hardware, and on the way to the garbage I thought, there’s probably someone would could benefit from this.

So I put a Seagate DDS3/DDS4 tape drive, and a Serial-to-USB converter, as well as two old car stereos.

Within an hour, I had someone at my door giving me $15 for a Serial-to-USB thingy that I was about to toss in the trash. Not much, but I felt like I did him a favor, and we had a little pocket money.

I *love* the craigslist website, precisely because it doesn’t waste a moment on anything superfluous. It’s just raw data, and the minimum amount of formatting required to make it legible. And it works.

I admit I was a little nervous that some nutjob would show up at my door to check out my place for a later burglary, but he seemed like a fellow-geek who just wanted some esoteric piece of hardware.