City Place

Last night I went to City Place, which is a very nice shopping center. I had dinner at Brewzzi, and signed some books at the Barnes & Noble. I visited the Palm Beach Winery, where they had a dozen or so different fruit wines, as well as a Muscadet (sweet grape wine). I didn’t care for any of their wines, but I bought a few fridge magnets which I then left on my table at dinner. Hopefully they will still be somewhere there when I stop by after class today.

Class is going well today. I always enjoy the Security day of the class. Having 12 people in the class gives a rather different pace to the class. Exercises take considerably longer to get everyone done on. And the questions are a much wider variety than you have in a smaller group.

Of course, people will probably still think that I go too fast. It is a *huge* amount of data to cram into 5 days. I remember when they first asked me to do 3 hours on Apache at OSCon in Monterrey, and I could not figure how I was going to fill that much time. Ha!