Christmas wines

Well, I seem to have neglected my duty, and now I seem to be forgetting what I should have taken good notes on.

In summary, the J Pinot Noir was disappointing. When I pay that much for a wine, I expect it to thrill. However, it was clear from the first taste that this was not a wine to chug, but one to squirrel away and have next Christmas, or the one after that. Shame.

The Sauvignon, on the other hand, was thrilling. Anise. Lots and lots of anise. This was very very weird. But fascinating. It was fruity, too, but it was unrecognizable, like strange tropical berries and currants, but not quite. I did not know a sauvignon could be that interesting.

I need to make sure to tell the folks at the T.C. about it, and give them my compliments on their assistance in picking.