Chrisman Mill

We went out to Chrisman Mill yesterday to check on our cache out there. It had been reported missing, which I didn’t actually believe, since it’s very well hidden and practically indestructible. But we went out there. Sure ’nuff, it was all in great condition, but we moved the first stage to a better place.

It still has the coolest log book of any cache EVER. It’s a shame that only about 6 people have ever seen it.

When I updated the coordinates when I got home, I realized that now it’s only 449 feet away from Chrisman Mill #1, making it, officially, too close to another cache – even though the final cache is quite a lot farther than that away. So now I have to wait for the approver, and see if 1) they notice and 2) they think it’s a problem. I would hate to have to go all the way out there again just to move it a few feet to meet some arbitrary rule. 🙁