Chicago, geocaching

I went geocaching this evening, but was utterly unsucessful.

Geocaching in Chigago without having a car is a bad idea. The caches are too far apart. Now, I suppose that’s probably the case in any city, but it made me think that it would be a good thing to identify the places where visitors might be staying in Lexington, and try to make it so that they can find one or two caches within a 1 mile walk.

I probably walked 3 miles, and it was pretty dark by the time I got to my first intended target. But the nature reserve was closed, and, besides, it was DARK. I chose to go towards the higher concentration of caches, rather than going to the cache that was closest. That was probably a bad choice. But it looks like I won’t actually find any caches while I’m here. And that’s very disappointing.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll go back out after dinner. I don’t know yet.

On the way back I found an Indian restaurant real close to here, and I’m going to go there after dinner.

I just got done writing up the TOC for a book proposal for a book that I’ll hopefully start writing next month. I’m pretty excited about it, which is really weird, coming off of working on Apache Cookbook for the last zillion months or so. But, strangely, I am. I won’t tell you what the book is called, right now, for a variety of reasons. But at the rate that I have sort of planned, it would be out sometime late spring 2004.

Training today was excellent. I have seldom attended training where I learned so much, where the content was presented so clearly, and where the instructor was so knowledgeable, and yet, at the same time, so willing to admit when he didn’t know the answer. Symantec earns my vote of confidence in their training.

And, despite the fact that I wasn’t officially registered for the class, I was able to sit in on it. And this actually worked out pretty well, as I shared a workstation with another student, and we were able to have some decent discussions of the product, as well as helping one another out with problems encountered.

OK, time to go get some Indian food.