Chicago, concluded

I was to fly back from Chicago on Thursday evening. Well, as I mentioned, that didn’t happen. I spent much of the night at the O’Hare airport. Then, some friends of my brother called me and told me they were coming to get me. So I got about 4 hours of sleep in a real bed. Friends like this are just awesome.

I had been scheduled to fly through Charlotte, but when I got to the airport, they rescheduled me to fly directly to Lexington. Of course, true to form, that flight started boarding about 20 minutes after it was supposed to leave, due to mechanical problems. Most of the time, I’d like for them to take their time when there are mechanical problems to be fixed. But, being about 14 hours behind schedule, I was feeling moderately less charitable.

We finally got to Lexington at about 10:30, but it took about 45 minutes to get our luggage off of the plane. Why? Well, nobody knows. There was nobody around to ask what was going on.

And, so, I finally got home, leaving me about 20 hours to unpack, do laundry, and repack to leave for vegas. And here I sit in the airport, ready to leave.