Chatting with Brian

After my attempt to interview Sally turned into her interviewing me (more on this later) she suggested that we go chat with Brian Behlendorf. I had all my gear hooked up, and Sally got Brian to come over, and we chatted for more than an hour, on various topics ranging from interesting stories about the old days, to what he’s up to now, to whether meeting face-to-face made any changes in the interpersonal dynamics of the Apache Group.

I captured an enormous amount of audio, and it will probably take me several more days to go through that, as well as the other stuff that I recorded at ApacheCon. I keep meaning to do it in the evenings, and then going to bed.

I’ll get to it … soon. And put some of it up on FeatherCast soon.

I remember the first time I met Brian. It was at OSCon, I think in Monterrey. I was still very much in awe of him (“And now,” said Brian when I told him this, “the stars have faded, hmm?”). I worked up the nerve to go talk to him, and shake his hand, and tell him what an honor it was, and so on. I remember him saying that he really hadn’t done anything marvelous, other than being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, but that he had done what anyone else would have done given that opportunity.

Anyways, now that I’ve told you about it, I suppose I have to go edit audio.

Another person that I recorded an interview with (I’ll refrain from saying who) had their time cut by almost a third when I edited out all the “uhhh”s from the recording. But I’ll spare him/her the embarassment of telling you. 🙂