Car Companies

I keep reading incredibly sane things that seem crazy at first, and I keep wondering, is anybody else reading this stuff other than us nutjob bloggers? I sincerely, deeply, passionately hope that Obama’s apparent passion for the internet isn’t all marketing, and that he’s actually reading what the really smart people are saying about problems that are being made WAAAAAAAY more complicated than they need to be.

There’s nothing particularly American about having all the car making owned by three companies that very clearly don’t have my best interests in mind, and very clearly stifle innovation when it seems that that innovation will limit their ability to buy more private jets.

Yes, it would be dreadful if all those folks lost their jobs, and so I’m rather torn about what’s coming down the pike. But the innovation that could come out of the breakup of this monopoly would be something fabulous to see, wouldn’t it? I’ll betcha Richie could make a better car over the weekend than Detroit has turned out in the last ten years.