During the last year, I have attended 4 talks on caldav and other shared calendaring topics. Closer to the start of the year, it was a neat idea that we might have some day. In the middle of the year, it was clear that they had some almost-working stuff that was actually very cool. At Educause, I was very impressed – it wasn’t quite there yet, but it almost was, and it was amazingly slick, with a concerted focus on interop above everything else.

Well, yesterday I went to Lisa’s talk, and was more impressed than ever. It looks like Chander is right on the edge of being usable by mortals, but even more excitingly – to me – is the Cosmo server and the Scooby web client application thingy. It looks like it might still be another year out, but just between you and me, I think she was just trying to be modest. They’re doing some amazing things, and it’s exciting to think that we’ll be able to solve all our calendaring problems in the very near future.