I went caching this evening. Didn’t find anything.

I did, however, go fix Wild Blue Yonder, which has been rather damaged for a long time. WBY is the most interesting cache that I’ve ever hidden, and has been destroyed more than any other cache I’ve ever hidden. Any hide that involves a Dremel is a good hide. 🙂

I also discovered that the problems that I’ve been having with my Magellan appear to have more to do with the serial port on the ancient computer I’m using, than with the GPS itself. I tried using the USB Keyspan serial adapter thingy, and not only did it work great, but it worked considerably faster than the serial connection is supposed to work. I wonder how much speed I can coax out of it.

Update: It looks like 19,200BPS is as fast as I can push it, but it’s still a step up from what I was able to do before. I wish I had done this a long time ago.