Buying technology in Lexington

Today, another chapter in the always-frustrating saga of buying technology in Lexington. I’ve been shopping for a digital photo printer. I finally found the one that I wanted, but nobody in Lexington carries it. I found one that is almost what I want, and finally found it at Circuit City. The Sony DPP-EX50 Picture Station.

Although the sales guy promised me that it would come with a starter kit of ink and paper (Circuit City didn’t actually carry these supplies), it didn’t, so I had to go back out on a hunt.

Office Max seemed surprised that Sony made printers, as did Office Depot. Best Buy carried the printer, but not the ink. And CompUSA, finally, had the ink, although I had to practically goad a lethargic sales person out of the way to find it, having circled the printer cartridge aisle three times.

This thing better print wondeful pictures.