Butterflies and Postcards

249951723_f46b6a0bb9_m.jpg.jpeg (Photo is CC by Gareth Courage)

I was wondering if you, my readers, who are spread all across the world, would do me a favor.

My son’s class at school is doing a project with butterflies. They’ve put up a bunch of pictures of butterflies all over the class room, and have been studying them.

Then there’s the secret additional part of the project. Over Spring Break (that’s this week), the butterflies are going to fly away, and this is part of a geography project. We were hoping that you could help us with this part. The kids won’t know where the butterflies have gone. We need you, if you can, to send a postcard saying that you saw one of the butterflies.

The example given was this:

Dear Mrs. McQueary’s Class,

While I was out walking my dog this evening in San Francisco, California, I had an unusual butterfly land on my arm. As I observed its vibrant colors, I remembered hearing that your classroom butterflies had escaped from Picadome. I tried catching it in my hand, but it fluttered away so quickly! Could it have been your butterfly?

As they receive these cards, they are going to put marks on a map of the world to show where the butterflies ended up.

Would you be willing to send a postcard for them?

The address is:

Mrs. McQueary’s Class
1642 Harrodsburg Road
Lexington, KY, 40504