Bristol bar & grill, Creve Coeur, MO

I had dinner last night at the Bristol Bar & Grill, just a little bit down the road of where I’m staying. I was terribly underdressed, but it didn’t bother me a whole lot.

I had Grilled chicken penne with a variety if interesting spices. It was pretty good, although there was too much penne and not enough chicken. The spices, however, were wonderful.

I had a Salena Shiraz, which I don’t think I’ve ever had before. It was served *way* too cold, and so it was near the end of the mean before it was really starting to get good. But by that time, I wasn’t really able to pick out particular aromas very well, what with the chicken. So about all that I can say was that it was nice, and tasted like a good standard Shiraz.

I guess some people like wines chilled, or that enough people don’t know any better, that it’s worthwhile serving it at this temperature. It felt like it had just come out of the fridge. 🙁