Bogle 2K1 Zin

Obviously I’m either rembembering wrong, or Bogle has seriously remade themselves. I remember the Bogle Zin as being flat, kinda sweet, perhaps a little smoky – in a bad way, not a nice way. But this is pretty good. Not wonderful, understand, but pretty darned good for a $12 zin anyways.

It’s kinda fragile, and after a little air it starts to develop some bitterness. Which is kinda weird for a zin this young, I would think. But right after I opened it, there were some good tanins, and good peppery zin flavors. Perhaps I’ll say more after having some with dinner.


OK, more comments.

With a simple chicken barbeque, which is where Zin really shines, imho. Peppery. Tannic (just enough). Pepper. Chocolate. Tobacco. And that strange “road dust” aroma that’s in a really good Zin. Geez, why is this just $12? Probably have more of this tomorrow night. Had just a tad too much of it right now.