Blues Brothers

We watched Blues Brothers last night.

Like many movies that have been hyped and built up to me over the years, this one completely failed to live up to the promise.

The premise of the movie is that Dan Aykroyd repeats a particular kinda funny line a dozen times, and lots of famous people are in unexpected situations.

I suspect, that if I had watched Saturday Night Live more as a kid that the movie would have had more appeal. I didn’t, and it didn’t.

So I give this movie a B+ for a pretty decent, if utterly absurd, car chase at the end. But a D in all other respects. The plot was weak and the acting was terrible.

Ironically, as is often the case in situations like this, I think I actually would have enjoyed the movie more had it not been promised as the greatest movie of all time for so many years, by so many people.