Blazing saddles

On Thursday, driving along Richmond Road, around lunch time, I was stopped at a red light. As the light turned green and cars started to move, I noticed that the spot in the right lane, where a Chevy Cavalier had been sitting, which was blazing merrily. Then the Chevy itself burst into flames, with brilliant orange flames billowing out from under the vehicle as it drove off, oblivious. Various people beeped and waved, and the driver pulled to the side as black smoke started to billow voluminously from the engine, and from under the car. I held back just a bit, so that I’d be out of range when it exploded. The guy sat in the car for somwhat longer than I would have, and then slowly climbed out as his car turned into a cheery raging inferno.

A fire engine which just happened to be across the street pulled over as I was driving speedily away.

Note to self: Chevy Cavalier not a good choice for next car.