Big tree

On the way back to the office after the LPLUG meeting, I was about the 3rd car on the scene after the storm brought down a BIG tree on top of a passing Buick. It landed on the hood, and the car had climbed up on on branch, where it was stuck. So I spent 30-45 minutes pulling branches out of the road, directing traffic, and generally getting soaked to the bone as we waited for the police to arive and take over.

Although the Buick was damaged – a small crack in the hood – I think that if he had been 3 or 4 feet further on when it fell, it could easily have gone through the windshield or roof, and been much more serious. We hooked up a chain to the car, and dragged it off of the tree branch, and he drove away just fine.

Next, we hooked the chain to the various huge bits of the tree, and dragged them out of the way so that traffic could get past. When the policeman eventually did arrive, there was really nothing for him to do, since the road was clear, and the damaged vehicle had long since left.

I would have taken some pictures, but unfortunately left my camera at home. It would have been nice to have a machete with me, too.