Back on the ASF board

Today I was re-elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Apache Software Foundation. This will be my third term on the board. I served the 2012 term, sat out the 2013 term, and then served the 2014 term.

This year, in addition to most of the sitting directors¬†being returned to the board, Shane Curcuru and David Nalley will be on the board. Shane has been on the board before, but I’ve never been on the board with him at the same time. And this will be David’s first term on the board.

It’s a big honor, as well as a considerable responsibility, serving on the board. While we (intentionally) move slowly at the ASF, there are still big issues to be considered. And there’s the health of our 160+ projects to watch over, giving a nudge here and there when things start to go off the rails.

At today’s meeting, we also elected a large number of new members to the Foundation. I can’t tell you who they are, yet, as they need to accept their invitation first, and some folks don’t. But we’re excited to see such a great list of new members being invited, and anxious to hear their new ideas on where the Foundation will go in the years to come.