Aviation Museum of Kentucky

Since a number of people have responded with “I didn’t know there was one”, I thought I’d give some more information.

On Saturday, we went to the Aviation Museum of Kentucky. Yes, the website is annoying and lacking in information. In particular, how to get to it (heading west on Man O War, take the last left before the main entrance to the airport), what their hours are (Monday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm) or what’s there (about 15 modern and antique airplanes, and various exhibits about Kentucky pilots from the various wars). We particularly liked the helicopter which you could climb into and monkey with the controls, and I learned more about how helicopters work in the 10 minutes of playing with the controls than in all I’ve read about them.

Oh, they also have a couple “flight simulators” that the kids can get in and fly around. That was very cool.