At OSCon

I’m at OSCon, waiting for my tutorial to begin. I spilled $beverage on my keyboard a week or so ago, and it’s starting to seriously gum up. I’m very not happy about this. And, to make it worse, there’s a very shiny 17″ powerbook sitting here on the speakers’ table, and it’s looking very attractive.

I’m still not sure I could get used to that one mouse button thing. And it has a trackpad the size of Detroit.

I wrote some stuff on the plane, but it was on my Palm, and I have not had a chance to sync yet. I’ll probably post it out of chron order.

Every hotel in the downtown area is full. Between the conference and BrewFest, you pretty much have to go outside the city to get a room. My hotel was full, and I had to move to a different room this morning. Why is it that the worse one has to pee, the slower the check-in person is? I suppose this is a special application of relativity.

Oh, yeah, and I also wrote some other stuff this morning at breakfast. I need to sync pretty soon.

The conference is very full. I think it’s going to be a good one.