APM missing

So it turns out that the FC2 kernel doesn’t have APM in it. I don’t know if I missed something, or if that’s just how it is. But, in consequence, it can’t tell how much battery life I have, and so I’ll never know, until it turns off, that I’m low. Also, my long hope that suspend will *finally* work is yet to be realized.

So, although it has been close to 4 years since I’ve done a kernel rebuild, I guess I’m going to have to remind myself how it’s done and try to build APM into the kernel. I’ll see, while I’m at it, if I can strip out anything else unnecessary. Always makes me a little nervous, but I suppose I can’t break it too badly that I can’t just boot back to the CD and restore it, so I suppose it’s all good.

On a related note, I’ve decided to pursue getting my LPI certification. It looks, at first glance, that level 1 will be pretty much a breeze, but level 2 looks like it contains a lot of stuff I know nothing about. But, one step at a time, and I’m sure that I’ll learn a lot even on level 1. And, of course, there’s always the possibility that I know far less than I think I do.