ApacheCon, Wednesday evening

As usual, the week is half over before I have a chance to catch my breath. I’m in an HTTP auth BOF, which is very interesting. There are things that must be done to HTTP auth if people are going to be able to continue to be able to use the interweb for secure transactions, and somehow have a digital identity that is anything like as universal as one’s Passport or photo ID.

Today I got FeatherCast interviews with Sanjiva and Justin. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get them with Bill Rowe, Ken, Sander, and Noel. We’ll see. It’s been somewhat hard to pin people down.

Also, tomorrow, I give my mod_rewrite talk, which is always quite a lot of fun.

This evening was the welcome reception, sponsored by Covalent. Yay Covalent. We like them. And lots of interesting conversations. Which is mostly what ApacheCon is about to me, these days.