ApacheCon planning

With 214 responses to the ApacheCon RFP, about half of them coming in the last week, we’re gathering in NYC to select which ones will be in the show, as well as put together the schedule.

I discovered on Wednesday that even though I was badgering other people to submit talks, I myself had forgotten to submit any talks. Great. I managed to sneak a few in, though. 🙂

I really don’t like New York City. It is loud, too bright, crowded, and people just aren’t very nice. On the bright side, we’ll be so busy that we’re unlikely to get out of the hotel much. We’ll be on South William Street, wherever that is. Looks like there’s a few geocaches in the area, so maybe I’ll nip out one of the evenings and look for a couple of those. If it’s not too miserably cold.