ApacheCon – Later Monday

I just got done with my Auth talk and wolfed down my lunch, and now I’m in a talk about Beehive. I’m afraid I have to admit I don’t have the foggiest idea of what Beehive is, and I’m hoping to get a glimpse. Unfortunately, I’m already losing sight of where he’s going. I don’t relate to the problems that he’s trying to solve, and this is augmented by the fact that he’s using smatterings of terminology that is completely furrin to me. I’m trying, though.

Talking with, and listening to, all these really smart people, continues to point out to me that my current employment is, unfortunately, making me dumb. I’m not working on anything that really makes me think, or solve interesting problems, or, much less, write code.

Auth talk ran a little short, which is not a problem I usually have any more. But I had a good audience, and they asked really good questions. Plus Jim Jagielski was there, and helped me out of a couple tight spots.