ApacheCon EU 2006, day 0

I’m in Dublin, at the end of a very full day. Actually, this particular day was 2 days long.

I left Lexington around 2:30 pm, and went to Charlotte, where I met Joey – Danese Cooper’s husband – and also Lisa Dessault was there. We were somewhat delayed, due to storms in Philadelphia, so we were able to have dinner together, which was very nice.

In Philadelphia, we also ran into John Coggeshall, Bill Rowe and Matthias Wessendorf, all on their respective ways to Dublin. After a brief delay (about 2 hours), we left for Dublin.

I think I fell asleep immediately after sitting down on the plane. I remember waking up briefly when the captain said “prepare for takeoff”. Then I woke up again when he said something about 20 minutes until we get to Dublin. I *never* sleep that well on a plane, so I arrived much fresher than I had any reason to expect.

Danese picked us up at the airport and gave us a ride back to the Burlington. Somehow in this process we lost John, who we then found back at the hotel. Lars, John, Justin Erencrantz and I went down to the Canal Bank Cafe for some lunch, then we came back and I was able to get online and Skype call Sarah, which was very nice.

This evening, the ApacheCon planners went to Noirin’s home for a cookout and some planning discussions. Dinner was *great*. I love walled gardens. They give the impression that the rest of the city isn’t really there. I would love to have that kind of separation from my neighbors. My own little kingdom. I wonder what would be involved in doing that, and if the city zoning laws would actually let me get away with it. I forgot my camera. Perhaps you can track down Noel’s pictures at some point. Present were Noirin, Colm, Ken, Lars, Noel, Danese, Joey, and Justin.

Later this evenig (it’s perhaps 1:30am now) we went down to the rooms where the tutorials will be in the morning, and monkeyed with the wireless networking for a while.

Tomorrow I hope to do a few interviews for FeatherCast, and maybe try to even get one of them edited to a usable state. I’d like to do one with Ken about the history of ApacheCon, since he’s the chair of the ApacheCon Committee.

I should probably go to bed now.