Apache Web Server Administration, by Charles Aulds

Linux Apache Web Server Administration
Charles Aulds
Craig Hunt Linux Library
Sybex Press

Well, I tried to be very critical of this book, because, after all, I want you to buy my book. But it really is very good.

It has thorough converage of all important topics. I found a number of places where information was wrong, but most of these were probably attributable to typesetting errors, rather than author errors. Missing parentheses, for example.

The examples were, for the most part, excellent, with good supporting explantions. Diagrams were good too – not gratuitous, but actually useful in most cases.

If I’m going to complain about something, it would be that there is no clear distinction made of when he’s talking about 1.3, and when 2.0. Or is it all 2.0? I’m really not sure. Some of it appears to be 1.3 specific, but other places he’s very clearly talking about 2.0, although this is not mentioned in the text, and might not be clear to other folks.

Overall, recommended and thorough.

(The book was given to me by the publisher, but I did not receive any other incentive to say nice things about it.)