Apache HTTP Server – Nuts to Bolts

ApacheCon is just a few weeks away. Jim and I are doing our Nuts to Bolts training class again, with all new content, because of all the cool new stuff that has gone in to Apache over the last year. Don’t miss it!

A two-day training covering everything you need to know to administer an Apache HTTP Server.

Day one, led by Jim Jagielski, give the overview of the server, showing you the core architecture of the server, how the modular nature of the server works, and shows you the most important of the modules. You’ll learn how to install the server, how to configure it, secure it, and performance-tune it.

Day two, led by Rich Bowen, takes a more hands-on, recipe driven approach. You’ll learn how to accomplish common tasks, install third party modules, and troubleshoot common problems. Examples are taken from questions often asked on the support mailing lists and IRC channels.

Jim and Rich have both been working with the Apache HTTP Server for more than ten years, and have both taught training classes for many of those years.