Apache Cookbook 2

In the mail today I received my shipment of Apache Cookbook, 2nd Edition. It’s got a bunch of new recipes, and all the rest of them have been updated for the 2.2 version of the Apache Web Server. You owe it to yourself to go buy a copy now. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Meanwhile I’d like to share my dedication:

I dedicate this book to the experts on #apache who answer so many of these questions every day, and to their beginners, on their way to becoming experts, who ask them.

A huge thank you goes to all the many people involved in making this book a reality. Tatiana, thank you for your patience and persistent assistance throughout this process.

And, finally, thanks go to my wonderful family. To Sarah, who always looks for my books at the bookstore. To Isaiah, for all his boundless energy and tight hugs. And to my Best Beloved, for helping me discover so much Pointless Beauty.