Another book

Going against all good sense and prior experience, I have today submitted a proposal for another book that I want to write. As though I don’t have enough to do already. But the idea seems very appealing, and I have a reasonably good idea of how I want to handle various topics.

More details as I have them. But I expect that things like will feature in the book, and I expect that I will rely pretty heavily on IRC conversations for inspiration for the content of the book.

It always seems to me that commercial entities want to keep things secret, and I want to just tell everybody about things. I’ve already discussed the idea for the book with a number of people, and gotten some good feedback that has influenced how I wrote the proposal. Feedback that can be best summarized as “Don’t write about things that 1) other people have done a way better job than you ever can or 2) you’re just completely ignorant about.” Sage advice. On the other hand, there seem to be certain people who are reticent to write about certain topics, even when I know they would do an exceptional job.