Analog Blog, 0

**Transcribed from the original manuscript**

I hear that, in the old days, people would blog without the benefit of computers or the Internet, using paper and ink. I’m not sure whether to believe these bizarre stories, but it’s an amusing idea.

I am in the woods, far from other people. I haven’t seen another person for about half a day, and can hear only the birds and insects. Shadow, my loyal companion, is here with me.

And so, without the aid of a computer, I will write of several of the ideas that have beecn clamoring to get out, these last few months. Mr. Bradbury tells me that I must write these things with haste, lest they go away and never return. Without Mr. Bradbury, I surely would not have written as much as I have, so I am obliged to follow his instructions.

So here we go.