An afternoon in the mountains

This afternoon I had the unexpected, and completely unplanned, pleasure of spending several hours with my aunt in the mountains of eastern Ky. I was in Jackson, Ky, for reasons not worth mentioning in the public record. When I got done there, it was just 3:15, and the most beautiful day one could hope for. Since I was just a few miles from KMBC, I decided to drop in and visit for a few minutes.

I ended up staying for about 3 hours, and I’m really glad I did. Things move at a slower pace up there, and it was very, very nice.

My aunt went geocaching with me, as she wanted to see what was actually involved. Turns out that the cache in question was exceedingly easy. When we got there I said “Well, if *I* was going to hide this, I’d put it …” and I reached out and grabbed it. 🙂 But at least she got the general idea.

Then, I stayed for dinner. The board of trustees was there, and so apparently I picked a very good day to visit. Dinner was excellent, and the company was even better. After dinner, the college choir sang, and they were excellent, too.

In all, although not how I planned to spend my afternoon and evening, it was by far the best thing. Very enjoyable, and relaxing.

Oh, and I got to meet Romeo, too. 😉