Ajaxy goodness

At OLF, I got an Ajax book in the raffle. After spending about 20 minutes in the first chapter, I had a functioning Ajaxified example page. The concepts are simple. The implementation is simple. The results are very handy.

So I’m left wondering about what I’ve heard about Ajax – that it’s very impressive, but difficult to implement. Ajax appears to be yet another tech thing that I avoided for a while because I thought it would be hard, which then turned out to be almost disappointingly easy.

Does this mean that it’s just a fantastic book? (Head Rush Ajax, by the way.) Does it mean that I’m just brilliant? I dunno. What I do know is that it means that Ajax techniques will start appearing more and more often in stuff that I write, because, as far as I can tell, it’s really not that hard. And with all of the modules/libraries/platforms/factories that are cropping up to make it even easier, it seems to me that there’s really no reason *not* to do it.