7 year old boys

I recently acquired a son. He has limitless energy, and … well, he’s 7. I’ve not had much experience with little boys, except from being one, which I thought was pretty cool, and then much later, observing them from afar and wondering how their parents had the energy to live with them.

I still don’t know.

We just sent home the last of roughly a million 7 year old boys who were over for a sleepover. Ok, 4, but, with little boys, it’s hard to tell the difference.

A few moments before they left, I walked outside to investigate what they were up to, and discovered one charming young lad holding a 1.5 liter glass bottle, cocked back like a baseball bat, about to whang it into the neighbors’ house, while all the other stood around extolling him on what a great idea it was to do so.

I find that I have a *lot* to learn about having a son. But I sure do love him.