20 Things You Didn’t Know Apache Could Do

In just a couple weeks I’ll be giving a talk at Ohio LinuxFest titled “20 Things You Didn’t Know Your Apache Web Server Could Do.”

I picked the number 20 mostly at random. I figured that was a good number for a 45 minute presentation. It turns out it’s hard to come up with 20 things that I think most of the audience at OLF won’t know. They tend to be a pretty knowledgeable audience.

Tonight I came up with the last few things, and I think I’m mostly ready to give the talk, although some of the items require a little more detail. Not too much, because 2 minutes per item is pretty tight.

I figure that most of the audience will find 2-5 of the things to be something that they already knew, and that a few very experienced folks will perhaps know as many as 10 of the things, but I’m betting that nobody in the room will know more than 12. We’ll see. It will be a fun talk, whatever happens.

Oh, yeah, I’ll be giving the same talk at ApacheCon in Austin. Rather different audience. I imagine there will be a person or two in the audience there who will know all 20 things. But perhaps I’ll even teach them a few things.