Twitter, revisited

So, it appears that I was wrong. I can deal with that.

I tend to pick up Twitter during a conference, because it’s a useful way to keep track of what other folks are attending and doing at the conference. Then I drop it afterwards.

But after Amsterdam, I kept doing it. I’m not sure why. I think it’s a combination of things. I think perhaps the list of people I’m following got long enough that it was actually interesting to keep track of what someone had for breakfast, or more likely with the group I follow, what continent they are on today. So presumably it’s all about how interesting the folks you’re following actually are.

And, as a consequence, I’ve been posting more there myself, although what I post is hardly as interesting as some of the folks I follow.

Still, I can’t imagine what their business model is, and how they can possibly afford to keep running this service long term, unless someone buys them and starts placing ads, or something. Not sure how far the ad model scales. I have’t clicked on an ad this year. Don’t know about you.