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What happened to Rackspace?

After 20 years as a Rackspace customer (Slicehost before they were acquired by Rackspace) I had my first negative customer experience today, and it seems like something has changed.

I attempted to delete a Cloud Server, and got a dialog that I need to call support (like, on the phone, like a cave person) to delete a cloud server. I mean, isn’t the whole point of cloud that it’s on demand?

So, I call, and after 10 minutes on hold, I get a support person who demands that I justify deleting the server instance. And then tries to talk me out of it like this is 1993 and I’m canceling AOL.

I FINALLY convince him that I want to delete it, and he says it’s policy that I leave it running for another week to ensure that there’s no data going to/from it. I said, I’ve already done that, because I’m a responsible sysadmin. But that wasn’t good enough.

So I shutdown -h now the thing, and and he still insists that it needs to run for another week (which I would, of course, pay for) just idling, to prove that it’s idle.

Finally, he opens a ticket, and then tells me I have to comment on the ticket “Yes I agree” before he can then action that ticket, and finally deleted the server.

BUT THEN, I discover that I have a “Cloud Files” instance with backup files going back to 2013 which I’m paying for, and the only way to delete them is ONE AT A TIME via a web interface. I am not making this up. You can, in fact, “select all” in the interface, but since it only displays 100 files at a time, and there are tens of thousands of files, this is going to take me the rest of my life.

So … for whatever it’s worth, I’m a happy Hetzner customer now. But, of course, in order to delete my Rackspace account, I’m going to have to call them again …


I’m feeling an awful lot of rage today for the people who consciously chose this reality that we are in right now. People who continue to choose it day after day.

People like Rand Paul who pretends to be a doctor while undermining medical wisdom.

People like Mitch McConnell with his “it never occurred to me” lies.

People like Donald Trump who put his own “only I can fix it” brand of ego ahead of helping the people that flocked to his hate-filled rallys.

People like the Kentucky State Legislature who, even today, are creating laws to put us in greater harm and sacrifice our children to their politics.

People like Tucker Carlson, who preach their lies to a captive audience of millions in order to improve ratings.

And for what? Profit. Ego. Personal power. And most troubling, specifically to make people they disagree with suffer.

Today, I can’t take my kid to something she wants to go to.

But much more importantly, hundreds of people will die today, most of them because they believed a lie that was consciously, intentionally told, by people who were in a position to, instead, prevent it. For the most part, the victims’ only crime was being gullible. The real culpability lies with powerful people who have the means to avoid the consequences of their actions.

It’s disgusting and evil. And knowing that the people that have done this will see absolutely no repercussions for their actions isn’t doing anything for my mood.