June 10, 2004

Geo::Waypoint and Geo::Gpx

I'm finally writing real, useful code again. Well, useful to me anyway.

I have Geo::Waypoint, and I'm about halfway to having Geo::Gpx working. A Geo::Gpx is a collection of Geo::Waypoints. The eventual goal is to be able to generate GPX files from stuff in a database, so that I can keep useful waypoints in a database, and generate GPX files for loading on my Palm and/or on my GPS as needed.

This is partially for a concept web site that I'm working on, and partially because I think that they are useful modules, and I have needed, for some time, to be working on something that makes me think, so that I don't get dumber and dumber as I do brain-numbingly tedious tasks at work, and then come home and do nothing.

I'll start releaseing actual files soon. I'm not sure if I'll put them on CPAN, but I probably will, once I have an API that might be useful to someone other than myself.

There will also be Geo::Cache, which ISA Geo::Waypoint, but with more geocache-specific fields. I think that this is inline with the intent of the GPX and LOC files, but I need to see if there's an actual standard for this, or just GeoCaching.com's conventions.

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This sounds really kewl Doc. Is going to be palm only?

Chris P.

Posted by: Cyklopz on June 11, 2004 04:42 PM

Well, it will generate gpx files, which are XML. There's apps for putting these XML files into a palm-able format, but there's also apps for doing various other things with them. The GPX format is what's used for some of the "Premium Member" features on the geocaching web site.

I have a file to test with now - a GPX file that I just generated. With any luck, I can put it on my GPS in just a few moments.

Posted by: DrBacchus on June 11, 2004 10:40 PM
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