May 30, 2004


Last night I pitched my tent at 37° 54.196N, 84° 36.485W, a spot that, at the moment, is a small clearing in a wooded patch at the back of a large tract of land on Harrodsburg road, and which a few months from now will be some rich family's back yard, or perhaps their breakfast nook.

(Yeah, I know, I was trespassing. I don't expect it did anyone any harm.)

Unfortunately, I could not sleep, due to the constant noise that went on all night. Trains, cars, airplanes, trucks idling, and some other noises that I could not identify, but which were of some human origin.

I figured that out in the middle of nowhere, it would be quiet and free from light pollution, but as the sun went down it was clear that civilization is encroaching on this spot from all directions. I'm pretty sure that the spot *used* to be in the middle of nowhere, but it's not anymore.

Until about 9, there was the driving beat of some not-terribly-talented youth practicing drums in his garage, as well as very loud lawn maintenance equipment - perhaps a weedeater or hedge trimmer.

Finally, about 2am, I struck camp and just came home. And, just in time too. I missed the heavy rain by about 5 minutes. Almost as soon as I was on the road, the downpour let loose.

Oh well, perhaps I have to wait until later in the summer, and go a little father out into the country, in order to get a pleasant camping experience.

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I'm sure you'd be welcome out here. (I can check with J & C if you like.) There's open ground or wooded areas and only a few coyotes. :-) We could even get some fishing in.

Posted by: phydeaux on May 30, 2004 12:28 PM
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