iStumbler tech support

A few days ago, I wrote something mentioning iStumbler, and a problem that I had with it. Actually, to be honest, I really didn’t consider it a problem. It was crashing when there were too many APs. But the thing is, I’ve had lots of network sniffer software crap out when there was too much network traffic. To me, it seemed like the way things work.

Less than 3 hours later, the lead developer of iStumbler posted a response, asking for crash logs.

3 hours after that, I got another email from him letting me know that the bug had been identified and fixed, and the new version of iStumbler will contain the fix.

I’ve seldom been quote so impressed with the tech support cycle of a project – with a bug fixed within 6 hours of reporting it, and I didn’t even actually have to report it. This software rocks, and the dev team, and Alf in particular, is simply amazing. We’ll be sending in our subscription soon. You should too.