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Podcasts for Palm?

It seems that if you don’t have an iPod, or if you don’t have a Mac, getting podcasts onto your PDA or other mobile media player is somewhat difficult. However, I’m sure that one of you fine folks knows how to do this. Specifically, my mom has a Palm Zire, and a Windows XP machine, and we’d like to get podcasts onto her Palm without too much hassle.

I found Quick News, which seems nice, and it’s not too expensive, but free would be even better.


Chris brought by several microphones yesterday to demonstrate, and we had an amusing time recording silly soundbytes. I might post one or two of them in the near future.

I was quite amazed at the difference in sound quality that a good microphone makes. All of that metallic “inside a can” sound that my current microphone introduces was just not there.

Unfortunately, for the average podcaster, it appears that you’d have to spend at least $100 for a mixer box (or whatever those things are called) and another $100 to $200 for a microphone, just to get started. I guess it’s very little wonder that there are so many awful quality podcasts out there.